Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2007)

M.Sc. in Communication Technology (Norwegian title: Sivilingeniør)

The subjects included mathematics, physics, programming, databases, signal processing, networking, information security, cryptography, queue theory, etc.

Work Experience

Yahoo! Technologies Norway (2007-2013)

Technical Yahoo

  • Support and engagements for various Yahoo! properties (Flickr, Image Search, Delicious, Kelkoo, etc.), helping them use Vespa (the search technology built by the Trondheim office).
  • Maintained and wrote documentation for Vespa, including the 80 page definite tutorial on how to use the search platform.
  • Developed utilities for validating the documentation, converting it to LaTeX, and building PDF versions.
  • Developed and maintained internal documentation site for Vespa.
  • Developed various demos showcasing Vespa.
  • Thought up and built various internal tools based on Vespa; Bugzilla Search, iList Search and Employee Search.
  • Designed architectural blueprints for search and cloud solutions.
  • Created printed material and presentations for YTN (leaflets, ads for recruting, Powerpoint slides, etc.)
  • Wrote a complete framework for developing web applications and REST-ful APIs.

FIRST LEGO League Trondheim (2006-2007)

Project Manager, part-time

  • Increased the size of the tournament from ~30 to ~50 teams (~600 children), and oversaw moving the tournament from Statoil to NTNU.
  • Presenting the project to potential sponsors.
  • Following up sponsors.
  • Designing the printed material for the tournament.
  • Managing volunteers.
  • Presenting the project at various schools and events; Technoport, Forskningstorget in Trondheim, etc.
  • Thought up and organized events for the FLL participants in Trondheim to visit the university; NTNU Open, the Nano Day (the year FLL was about nano technology), and a Dream Day at NTNU for the winning teams.
  • Also engaged in previous years as volunteer, head of the volunteers, responsible for judges, and responsible for sponsors.

IT Department, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU (2002-2003)

Systems developer, part-time

  • Designed and implemented complete e-learning solution for use at the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Designed and implemented PHP/Zend extension for accessing Oracle Calendar Server.

FAST Search and Transfer (2000-2001)

Front-end developer, part-time

  • Implemented and designed the front-end for FAST Multimedia Search 2.0.
  • Worked on prototyping and user testing for a never released multimedia player.

IT Department, NTNU (1997-2001)

User support at the Service Desk Section, part-time

  • User support services for students and employees at the university.
  • Managed Linux servers and services for the support group.
  • Designed, illustrated, and wrote the text for Dataguiden, a handout to new students.
  • Developed internal, web-based tools.


Operating Systems

  • Linux Used since 1995. Debian, Ubuntu, and Red Hat on both desktops and servers.
  • Windows Used from versions 3.0 to XP.
  • OS X Used as primary desktop OS since 2012.

Programming Languages

  • PHP Used frequently since 1997.
  • JavaScript Quite a bit, mostly through jQuery and BackBone.
  • Java For assignments at NTNU, plugins and for document processing at Yahoo.
  • Shellscript Simple scripts every few months.
  • Python Developed a few tools now and then, nothing much.
  • C Wrote PHP/Zend extension for accessing Oracle Calendar Server.
  • C++ Worked my way through tutorials, nothing more.

Technologies and Standards

  • HTML In-depth knowledge.
  • CSS In-depth knowledge, including SASS, Less, and Bootstrap.


  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Vespa The search technology built by Yahoo! Technologies Norway, extending the old search technology from FAST Search and Transfer.
  • D3.js

Tools and Applications

  • LaTeX Written thesis and various papers.
  • Adobe PhotoShop Used since version 2.5.
  • Adobe InDesign Used since version 1.0.
  • Adobe Illustrator Used now and then, basic knowledge.
  • Balsamiq Used for building various mockups.
  • git, svn, and cvs